D-Tap Power Lead inc. Down-Converter for Canon C300

  • Power your Canon C300 from V-Mount Li-Ion batteries

  • Longer camera run-times or a higher current draw

  • Power the camera and multiple 12V accessories

  • Incorporates voltage down-converter

  • Intended for use with PAG V-Mount Plate Model 9401

Now you can power your Canon C300 using PAG V-Mount Li-Ion batteries (including PAGlink or standard V-Mount batteries). This means longer run-times or a higher current-draw capability, ideal for powering the camera and multiple 12V accessories simultaneously.

This new D-Tap Power Lead is intended for use with the PAG V-Mount Plate (Model 9401), which features a D-Tap output. The V-Mount plate also incorporates a clamp designed for 15mm camera accessory rods, such as those used to support a mattebox. This enables you to mount your battery on the camera set-up for use on a tripod or rig.

D-Tap Power Lead Model 9637/02 features a DC plug for connection to the Canon C300 camera and D-Tap connector that plugs into the V-Mount Plate. An in-line DC Adaptor/Down-Converter is incorporated that reduces the battery’s 14.8V output to 7.2V to 8.4V suitable for the Canon C300 camera.