Mini PAGlink MPL99G Battery

  • 99 Watt-hours, 14.8V 6.7Ah

  • Rechargeable Gold Mount Li-Ion battery

  • Intelligent linking technology that allows capacities to be combined (2 linked = 198Wh, 3 = 297Wh)

  • Current draw capability of 12A when linked, 10A individually

  • 2 x Built-in D-Tap outputs (12V)

  • 1 x USB output unit (5V 2A), which can be swapped for other unit types: Hirose, Lemo and D-Tap

  • Ideal for powering smaller 4K cameras and accessories simultaneously

  • Hot-swap batteries for continuous power

  • 4 x 1/4” bushes for mounting accessories

  • Numeric Run-Time, Capacity & Data Display

  • Intelligent battery that communicates and manages its own charge and discharge safely

  • Link with other PAGlink Gold Mount batteries for charge or discharge, regardless of capacity or state of charge

  • Charge individually or linked using PAGlink or Anton Bauer Li-Ion chargers

  • Compatible with camera data system that displays capacity in the viewfinder/LCD

  • Ergonomic design and ‘soft-touch’ outer-band for secure handling

  • Durable and robust construction from flexible ABS material

  • Fully-serviceable, modular design that allows authorised cell-pack replacement

  • Battery firmware can be updated externally

  • Independently UN tested and flight-friendly

  • 2 year guarantee with no restrictive conditions

  • 109 x 87 x 60mm / 0.59kg (1.3lbs)

First PAGlink, Now Mini PAGlink
Mini PAGlink combines all the benefits of PAG’s intelligent linking technology with a reduced form factor and increased durability. PAG’s patented battery linking technology remains far in advance of any other camera battery system available today.

The MPL99G is a 99Wh battery, designed to complement the dimensions of smaller cameras, but equally desirable for larger models. It will power cameras in combination with accessories such as lights and monitors. It provides a single, superior power source for your camera set-up.

The MPL99G features built-in outputs that the cameras lack: 2 fixed D-Taps for 12V accessories and a USB unit (5V 2A), which can be swapped easily by the user for a plug-in Lemo, Hirose or D-Tap connector unit.

Less Weight or More Power
With intelligent battery linking, you can control the capacity and weight of your power source to suit the application: 1 battery for handheld applications, 2 for more current or longer run-time.

Linking two 99Wh MPL99 batteries doubles the capacity to 198Wh; 3 batteries provide 297Wh.

More Current & Better ROI
When batteries are linked and in similar state of charge, the current-draw capability increases from 10A to 12A. This is ideal for camera set-ups that require power for multiple accessories. Sharing the current load between batteries contributes to an extended overall battery life and a better return on investment. PAG guarantees the MPL99G for 2 years.

Hot-Swap or Add
PAGlink allows seamless hot-swapping for continuous power, or the ability to add another battery just to keep shooting; putting an end to time-consuming camera reboots.

No Dead Weight
Simultaneous rather than sequential discharge means that there are no unused batteries adding dead weight to the camera.

Intelligent Linking
When linked, the batteries form a network that enables them to communicate with each other, managing the output safely, and preventing the transfer of charge between batteries. A fully-charged battery can be linked safely to one that is fully-discharged.

Compatibility & Integration
The MPL99G is compatible with full-size Gold Mount camera plates. It can be linked to any PAGlink Gold Mount battery for discharging or charging, regardless of rated capacity. It can be charged using PAGlink or Anton Bauer chargers, for maximum versatility and economic integration.

More Mounting Positions
Each battery features four 1/4” bush inserts. These can be used for mounting camera accessories to individual or linked batteries.

Run-Time, Capacity & Data
The MPL99G incorporates PAG’s unique display, which shows remaining run-time, on-load, in hours and minutes. When batteries are linked, the run-time figure is for the entire stack. A single button press shows individual battery capacity as a percentage of full, in 1% increments. The display maintains its accuracy by tracking performance and adjusting calibration values to compensate for the ageing of the cells. PAGlink batteries store data in their microprocessor, such as the number of charge/discharge cycles, which can be displayed in data mode. This information is designed to assist with battery management.

In-Viewfinder Information
MPL99G batteries communicate automatically with the camera data system that allows Anton Bauer batteries to display their remaining capacity in the viewfinder and LCD.

Flight Friendly
The MPL99G is a 99Wh battery and included in your personal allowance of 20 units of 100Wh or below, when you fly. All PAG Li-Ion batteries are tested to UN standards by an independent authority and certified to comply with air transport safety regulations. They are labelled with their UN Test number and air travel quantity allowance, based on their capacity.

More Air Transport Information

Linked Battery Charging
PAG is the only manufacturer that offers linked charging for Gold Mount batteries. Linked charging allows more batteries to be charged using fewer chargers, and with less user-intervention.

Up to 8 x MPL99G batteries, in any state of charge, can be linked for charging with any PAGlink charger. The batteries control their own charge regime which means that Anton Bauer Li-Ion chargers can be used (dependent on the model and firmware version).

The 2-position PAG PL16 Charger will fully-charge one fully-discharged MPL99 in 2hrs 30mins, and 8 in 12hrs. State of charge as a percentage is indicated on the battery’s individual display.

PAG also offers a low-cost, ultra-compact, Micro Charger, which is the ideal travel partner. It can be powered form a variety of 5-20V DC power sources, which is ideal for location use.

Ergonomic & Durable
The MPL99G features an ergonomic design and a ‘soft-touch’ coated outer band for safer handling and increased durability. The battery case is manufactured from high-impact, injection-moulded ABS which is inherently very strong and flexible. The MPL99G has been designed to withstand the harshest working conditions.

Modular Construction
Mini PAGlink batteries are the first to feature a new, fully-serviceable, modular construction that allows authorised replacement of the cell-pack whilst maintaining conformity with UN standards and IATA air transport regulations.

Future-Proof Batteries
PAGlink battery firmware can be updated in the field by the user, in a matter of seconds, without opening the battery case. Updates enable you to benefit from the technological advances that PAG introduces to accommodate developments in camera technology.

Premier Quality Branded Li-Ion Cells
All PAG Li-Ion batteries feature long-life, premium-quality cells, which can be partially charged and discharged without suffering memory effect. In keeping with PAG’s total battery design philosophy, PAGlink batteries are constructed to provide the longest possible working life. The MPL99G is guaranteed for 2 years.

Patents Apply:


Connector: Gold-Mount.

Numeric Display: Capacity/state of charge as a percentage, in 1% increments. Run-time, on-load, expressed in hours and minutes, in 1 minute increments. Battery data: voltage, temperature, number of charge/discharge cycles and software version.

Construction: ABS injection mouldings designed to protect the cells from impact damage.

Modular Design: The internal modules, including the cell-pack, can be replaced by an authorised service facility.

Replaceable Contact Assemblies: The front and rear contact assemblies are external to the battery case and can be replaced if damaged.

Cells: Premium-grade, high-current, sealed Lithium-Ion rechargeable cylindrical cells.

Voltage: 14.8V nominal. 8 cells connected in series/parallel. Each cell has a nominal voltage of 3.7V.

Capacity: 99 Watt-hours, nominal 6.7 Ampere-hours.

Output Current: Rated maximum continuous output current 10 Amperes. For 2 or more linked batteries 12 Amperes.

Charge Voltage: 16.8V.

Protection System: The multi-level electronic protection system is fail-safe and guards against conditions that reduce battery life. The circuit is coated for protection and to ensure operation of the safety systems in the event of damage to the battery.

Temperature Range:

0°C to +40°C (Optimum +10°C to +30°C).
+32°F to +104°F (Optimum +50°F to +86°F).

-20°C to +50°C (Optimum +5°C to +40°C).
-4°F to +122°F (Optimum +41°F to +104°F).

+10°C to +30°C (+50°F to +86°F)

Length: 109mm (4.3").
Width: 87mm (3.4").
Height: 60mm (2.3").

0.59kg (1.3lbs).

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