PAG CPS100 Camera Power Supply (V-Mount)

  • AC on-camera power adaptor

  • 100W at 15V constant output

  • 150W peak output

  • Input voltage 90-264V AC

  • V-Mount connector

  • Compact, lightweight design

  • Parallel XLR4 output for lighting or audio accessories

  • Twin USB output (5V) ideal for charging smart phone battery

  • Engineered to highest safety and reliability standards

  • Power on indicator

  • Overheat indicator

  • Thermal protection with auto-restart (after cooling)

  • 125mm wide x 175mm high x 53mm deep / 0.7kg

The multi-function PAG CPS100 is a 100W AC adaptor. It can be mounted to the rear of the camera, via the V-Mount battery connector. Alternatively it can be used off-camera.

The PAG CPS100 can be used to power the most demanding digital cinema cameras, or HD broadcast camera set-ups that include picture monitoring, audio or lighting accessories. A parallel XLR4 output is included for powering camera accessories. Twin USB connectors are incorporated that output 5V, ideal for charging a smart phone battery.

The CPS100 has a constant output of 100W and a peak output of 150W. It can be powered from any AC supply worldwide.

Thermal protection is included and the unit will automatically restart after cooling.