PAG RMC4X-G Charger (4 x G-Mount)

  • 4-channel simultaneous fast-charger

  • 4 x Gold Mount battery connectors (cable length 1m)

  • Features the latest PAG Intelligent Parallel Charging technology

  • Simultaneously charges the latest PAG Gold Mount Li-Ion batteries

  • High-powered 100W output (6A at 16.8V)

  • Fast-charges four fully-discharged 94Wh batteries in 6.5 hours

  • 210 x 201 x 44mm / 1.8kg

Using a PAG charger to charge and manage your PAG batteries is the best way to achieve the maximum possible cycle life.

The RMC4X-G is a rack-mountable version of PAG's latest, high-power, simultaneous charging technology.

It can be used to fast-charge the latest Gold Mount Li-Ion batteries manufactured by PAG via four Gold Mount battery connectors.

PAGlink Gold Mount batteries can be linked for charging, enabling you to charge simultaneously up to 8 batteries on each charging channel.

The charging mounts connect to the rear panel of the charger via 4 x XLR4 connectors and feature a cable length of 1m. Horizontal mounting of the connectors is recommended for charging linked batteries.

The charger is designed to be mounted in a half-width racking system, and measures 1U high.

Two units can be mounted side by side in a standard full-width 19-inch rack, by using connecting plates, available from PAG.

The RMC4X-G is ideal for use in outside broadcast vehicles, but it is equally suitable for use in a workshop environment.

A bespoke mounting-board for the connectors, that enables them to be fitted vertically inside the OB vehicle, can also be supplied.

The charger’s backlit LCD screen clearly indicates each stage of the charging process. The precise state of charge is indicated on each battery’s individual display.

A Li-Ion battery recovery feature is included, to recover Li-Ion batteries if their cut-out has been tripped.


Range of Batteries Charged:
Parallel charging:.
PAG Gold Mount Li-Ion batteries.

Battery Connectors: 4 x Gold Mount.

Main Charge Program:
Li-Ion Intelligent Parallel Charging program.
Maximum output 6A at 16.8V (100W approx.).

PAGlink Charging:
Up to 8 PAGlink batteries per channel may be charged. Batteries can be in any state-of-charge. The most-discharged batteries will be given a higher charge priority. Fully charged batteries stop accepting charge automatically and independently of other batteries.

Recovery Charge Program:
Automatically recovers a Li-Ion battery after shut down. Automatically detects batteries having a very low voltage, initiates low charge current until the voltage has risen enough for batteries to be charged normally.

Self Test Program:
Constantly monitors the battery under charge and monitors operation of the charger’s own functions which will be shut down to a safe condition should any of the tests fail.

Mains Input:
90V to 265V AC. Frequency 50-60 Hz. EN6100-3-2 Power factor corrected. Maximum consumption 140W.

Output Protection:
Charger protected against short circuit and excess battery voltage.

AC Mains Failure Protection:
Should mains failure occur during a charging program, or whilst the charger is connected, it will shut down to a safe condition.

User Interface:
Comprehensive LCD showing status of battery and charger. The charger is fully automatic in operation and no user controls are provided.

Operating Temperature Range:
0ºC to +40ºC (+32ºF to +104ºF).

Dimensions (excluding charging connectors):
Length: 201mm (7.9”)
Width: 210mm (8.3”)
Height: 44mm (1.7”)

Weight (excluding charging connectors): 1.8kg (4lbs).

Typical 94Wh Battery Charging Times:
1 PAG L96 battery: 3hrs 15mins
2 PAG L96 batteries: 4hrs
3 PAG L96 batteries: 5hrs
4 PAG L96 batteries: 6hrs 30mins

These times are approximate only, and assume batteries are fully discharged. Charging times will be less if batteries are already partially charged. 150Wh batteries will take 50% longer.

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