PAG RMC4X-V Charger (V-Mount)

  • 4-channel simultaneous fast-charger

  • 4 x V-Mount battery connectors (cable length 1m)

  • Features the latest PAG Intelligent Parallel Charging technology

  • Simultaneously charges the latest PAG and Sony Li-Ion batteries

  • Sequentially charges the previous generation of PAG Li-Ion batteries, as well as PAG & Sony Ni-MH batteries

  • High-powered 100W output (6A at 16.8V)

  • Fast-charges four fully-discharged 96Wh batteries in 6.5 hours

  • 210 x 201 x 44mm / 1.8kg

Using a PAG charger to charge and manage your PAG batteries is one of the best ways to achieve the maximum possible cycle life.

The RMC4X-V is a rack-mountable version of PAG's latest, high-power, simultaneous charging technology.

It can be used to simultaneously fast-charge Li-Ion batteries manufactured by PAG or Sony, via four V-Mount battery connectors.

PAGlink V-Mount batteries can be linked for charging, enabling you to charge simultaneously multiple batteries on each charging channel.

The charging mounts connect to the rear panel of the charger via 4 x XLR4 connectors and feature a cable length of 1m. Horizontal mounting of the connectors is recommended for charging linked batteries.

The charger is designed to be mounted in a half-width racking system, and measures 1U high.

Two units can be mounted side by side in a standard full-width 19-inch rack, by using connecting plates, available from PAG.

The RMC4X-V is ideal for use in outside broadcast vehicles, but it is equally suitable for use in a workshop environment.

The charger’s backlit LCD screen clearly indicates each stage of the charging process. The precise state of charge is indicated on each battery’s individual display.

A Li-Ion battery recovery feature is included, to recover Li-Ion batteries if their cut-out has been tripped.


Range of Batteries Charged:
Parallel charging:
PAG & Sony V-Mount Li-Ion batteries.
Sequential Charging:
PAG & Sony V-Mount Ni-MH batteries.

Battery Connectors: 4 x V-Mount.

Main Charge Program:
Li-Ion Intelligent Parallel Charging program.
Maximum output 6A at 16.8V (100W approx.).

PAGlink Charging:
Up to 8 PAGlink batteries per channel may be charged. Batteries can be in any state-of-charge. The most-discharged batteries will be given a higher charge priority. Fully charged batteries stop accepting charge automatically and independently of other batteries.

Recovery Charge Program:
Automatically recovers a Li-Ion battery after shut down. Automatically detects batteries having a very low voltage, initiates low charge current until the voltage has risen enough for batteries to be charged normally.

Self Test Program:
Constantly monitors the battery under charge and monitors operation of the charger’s own functions which will be shut down to a safe condition should any of the tests fail.

Mains Input:
90V to 265V AC. Frequency 50-60 Hz. EN6100-3-2 Power factor corrected. Maximum consumption 140W.

Output Protection:
Charger protected against short circuit and excess battery voltage.

AC Mains Failure Protection:
Should mains failure occur during a charging program, or whilst the charger is connected, it will shut down to a safe condition.

User Interface:
Comprehensive LCD showing status of battery and charger. The charger is fully automatic in operation and no user controls are provided.

Operating Temperature Range:
0ºC to +40ºC (+32ºF to +104ºF).

Dimensions (excluding charging connectors):
Length: 201mm (7.9”)
Width: 210mm (8.3”)
Height: 44mm (1.7”)

Weight (excluding charging connectors): 1.8kg (4lbs).

Typical 96Wh Battery Charging Times:
1 PAG L96 battery: 3hrs 15mins
2 PAG L96 batteries: 4hrs
3 PAG L96 batteries: 5hrs
4 PAG L96 batteries: 6hrs 30mins

These times are approximate only, and assume batteries are fully discharged. Charging times will be less if batteries are already partially charged.