PAG V-Mount Plate (15mm Rod Clamp / D-Tap Output)

  • Lightweight battery mount for DSLR and Digital Cinema cameras

  • Enables you to increase run-time or draw more current using PAGlink batteries

  • Designed for use with PAGlink or standard V-Mount batteries

  • Clamps to 15mm mattebox/camera accessory rods

  • Quick and easy to fit

  • D-Tap output for camera power connection

  • Requires PAG D-Tap Power Lead (camera specific)

  • 196mm high x 84mm wide x 44mm deep / 0.2kg

A lightweight, easy to fit V-Mount battery connector that enables you to power DSLR and digital cinema cameras from PAGlink or standard V-Mount batteries.

Using PAGlink batteries ensures longer run-times and a higher current-draw capability; linked batteries provide 12A current, more than so-called high-current batteries.

The V-Mount assembly features a clamp for mounting to 15mm mattebox/camera accessory rods (rails/bars).

The position of the battery mounting plate is user-configurable, enabling you to position it horizontally or vertically, above or below the rods, to avoid obstructing the camera display or other camera accessories.

The V-Mount features a D-Tap output socket which enables connection to the camera using a PAG D-Tap Power Lead, specific to the camera.