Paglight C6 Kit

  • Miniature tungsten halogen 6V camera top-light designed for use with smaller digital cameras

  • Soft, even spectral distribution

  • Fully focusable from spot to flood

  • Cool-running design

  • Rugged yet lightweight impact resistant construction

  • Plug-in halogen lamp holder and 6V 20W lamp

  • Rotatable filter ring assembly with daylight filter, diffuser and 2 x barn doors

  • 6V 8Ah rechargeable Ni-MH C6 PowerPack with shoulder strap, provides 2.5 hours continuous run-time with 20W lamp

  • Battery charger with choice of AC input connection (UK, Euro, USA/Japan, Australia), charges battery in 3 to 4 hours

  • 1/4" stud and a camera shoe plate

  • 10W and 30W (G4 size) bi-pin halogen long-life lamps are sold separately

  • Reflector 35mm dia.

  • 45mm wide x 70mm long x 80mm high

Paglight C6 is a 6V halogen front-light kit that includes a battery and charger.

The light is Ideal for use with smaller hand-held camcorders, and incorporates many of the same design concepts as the 12V Standard Paglight, such as the plug-in lamp holder feature, the spot and flood capability and the cool running construction.

Paglight’s unique plug-in lamp holder design enables you to switch between a variety of lamp wattages (10W, 20W and 30W). Expired lamps can be changed quickly and safely.

The Paglight C6 has an output that is soft and even, without flaws or hotspots. The lamp head incorporates spot to flood control of light intensity, a feature not commonly found in camera top-lights.

The light is designed to be cool-running at all times and easy to handle.

The light can be mounted to the camera using the ¼” stud or the camera shoe plate supplied as part of the kit. Other mounting options are available separately.

The Paglight C6 incorporates a power cable terminated with a Redel plug for connection to the C6 PowerPack. This 6V 8Ah Ni-MH battery will power the C6 light continuously for 2.5 hours, with the 20W lamp supplied. The battery is supplied with a shoulder strap for carrying during use; alternatively, the battery can be clipped to your trouser belt or waistband, with the addition of Belt Clip Model 1022.

The C6 Power Charger will charge a fully-discharged 6V battery in 3 to 4 hours. The charger features a single LED that indicates which of its functions is in progress: recovery charge, normal charge or maintenance charge.

The C6 Power Charger has a removable AC input connector which enables the appropriate plug for the country of use to be fitted directly to the unit, and for plugs to be exchanged. UK, Euro, US/Japan and Australia connector options are available from PAG.