PAGlink Battery Reader

  • Reveal data stored in the battery’s microprocessor

  • Manage your batteries more efficiently

  • Track battery usage

  • Track battery performance

  • Easy-to-read alphanumeric display

  • For use with PL94, PL150, L96 and Anton Bauer Gold Mount Batteries

  • 71 x 50 x 19mm / 38g

The PAGlink Battery Reader is designed for use with PAG intelligent batteries. It enables you to access data stored by the battery’s microprocessor. The data it reveals will assist you in your battery management even if you have only a few batteries.

The PAGlink Battery Reader is a compact and lightweight tool that you slide onto the contacts of the battery to display data. It features an easy-to-understand, alphanumeric display that will firstly reveal the battery state of charge, as a percentage. The up and down buttons can then be used to reveal the other categories:

1. State of charge as a percentage

2. Available capacity in ampere-hours

3. Cell temperature in degrees Celsius

4. Number of charge/discharge cycles

5. Voltage

6. Full capacity in ampere-hours

7. Date of birth (manufacture)

8. Software version

9. Serial Number

This information is extremely useful for managing even a small amount of batteries, tracking their usage and performance.

Cell temperature data can be used to avoid charging or discharging if the battery is too hot or too cold.

Software version will tell you which program the battery is running. It may be desirable to obtain a battery software update. Updating software to the latest version enables you to benefit from PAG’s continually developing technology.

The Reader can also be used to put the battery into sleep mode for transport or storage.

When applied to linked batteries the Reader will display the total, combined capacity.

The PAGlink Battery Reader can also be used to read data stored by PAG L96 non-linking Gold Mount Li-Ion batteries (Models 9310A and 9305A), and Anton Bauer batteries.


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