• The latest LED technology

  • Fantastic output of 900 lux at 2m, equivalent to 50W tungsten

  • Power consumption only 11W

  • Clean, daylight balanced output

  • Soft and even spectral distribution

  • Dimmer control of light intensity

  • Fully focusable from spot to flood

  • Tough, impact resistant construction

  • Power from any 10-20V DC source

  • D-Tap power connection

  • Filter kit allows use with artificial light

  • Also accepts plug-in Softstart halogen and PowerArc HMI lighting modules

High-Quality Camera Light

If you are looking for a high-quality, professional, on-board LED camera light, for use in natural or artificial light, Paglight LED is the answer. Adopted worldwide by major broadcasters, Paglight is the perfect fill-light for interview situations.

Paglight has a revolutionary patented design which allows different lighting units to be plugged into the rear of the lamp head. If you already own a Paglight, with plug-in halogen or PowerArc lighting options, you can convert to low power consumption LED technology by simply adding the PAG LED Dimmer Unit to your kit bag.

Superior LED Optical Performance

The Paglight LED has an impressive light intensity over distance in comparison to other LED lights. PAG has achieved this by focusing the output of the emitters using an integrated lens, and by positioning the LED module within the Paglight reflector. The results are a testament to Paglight’s superior optical design: a clean and even, daylight balanced output of 900 lux at 2m, for a power consumption of only 11W.

Registered Design No. 2071515 / Patent No. 2335027

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