PAGlink is the first battery system that allows batteries to be charged whilst they are linked, making it possible to charge simultaneously multiple batteries on one charging position.

The PAGlink Micro Charger is an ultra-compact, inexpensive charger, designed to fit any camera bag. It accepts 5-20V DC input and can be powered using the Power Supply Unit (100-240V AC) an in-vehicle power lead, or a USB charger lead (2A). These power options are all included in the package, making it the ideal location charger for those who wish to travel light.

The charging unit clips onto the Gold Mount contacts of a single PAGlink battery, which can be linked to additional PAGlink Gold Mount batteries of any rated capacity, and in any state of charge.

A single, fully-discharged, 94Wh battery will be fully-charged in 4 hours. Four 94Wh PAGlink batteries can be fully-charged in 16 hours. Charging time is significantly less when the batteries are only partially discharged. At the end of a shoot, simply power-up your Micro Charger, link and connect your batteries, and the next day they will be fully-charged and ready to use.

The charger addresses the most-discharged batteries first and then fully-charges all the batteries in the stack simultaneously. The charge status of each battery is shown on its individual display. The charger provides LED indication of charging, charge completion, battery absent and a faulty battery.

The Micro Charger can also be used for charging sequentially non-linking Gold Mount Li-Ion batteries manufactured by PAG.

Interchangeable power plugs are available for direct connection to AC supplies in USA/Japan, UK, Europe or Australia, enabling use worldwide

DC power leads are included that allow charging from a 12V vehicle battery, via the dashboard cigarette lighter socket, and from a USB charger (2A). The charge time, when powering the charger from the PSU or a 12V vehicle battery will be the same. Charging of a 94Wh battery from a 2A USB charger will take approximately 10 hours.

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