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We really like this shot sent to us by James Goldman who is based in Hong Kong, as you can probably tell. James is using the new PAGlink PL150 batteries and says he is a big fan. You can check out his work on

Toby Ralph sent us this photo taken in Mongolia. It’s a good example of something you don’t see every day. Toby told us that his PAGlink batteries worked flawlessly in the cold, where it was about -5 to -10°C in the middle of the day. You can see his showreel at

Aerial Motion Pictures supplied the drone for our recent L90 Slim Battery video, shot in the Oxfordshire countryside by Adrian Weinbrecht. The drone set-up had a weight limit which meant that after the Red and the gimbal there was very little to spare. At only 567g the PAG L90 Slim is the ideal battery for this sort of application.
Here are some of the other photos from the shoot.

#ProjectBorneo was the name given by British cameraman Kevin Babey to his recent natural history filming project. It has produced some great images of tropical creatures checking out the hardware that Kevin used on his month long shoot. See more here and on Kevin’s blog

Here is Australian cinematographer Clinton Harn, at Sydney Opera House, making a film that documents the work of of multiple-Grammy award winning audio engineer Tony Faulkner. Clinton works in a variety of visual media and has chosen PAGlink as his power solution across a range of cameras. Find out more about Clinton’s work here and on his website. Pictures taken by Timothy Tan & processed by Michael Cranfield.

Take a look at Rob Whitworth’s latest video, a hyperlapse flowmotion view of Istanbul. If you haven’t seen one of these before you are in for a treat. One day he’ll tell us all how he does it. Rob Whitworth uses PAGlink batteries to power his cameras for extended periods of time lapse photography. Images courtesy of Rob Whitworth.

It doesn’t get much more dramatic or extreme than storm chasing: dodging violent Supercell tornados and grapefruit-sized hail stones. Alister Chapman specialises in filming storms and this image is from his latest trip to the USA. You can read the story in the July 2015 issue of Kit Plus magazine.

See Alister’s review of PAGlink at

Click on this image to see Adrian’s video

Adrian Weinbrecht made this video to let other photographers and directors know about, what he calls PAG’s ‘magical battery system.

Camera hire company S+O Media shot this Arri Amira proving that PAGlink is the ideal power solution for power-hungry digital cinematography set-ups. There are 4 PAGlink batteries in this shot. Thanks to Jim McLean, S+O Media

Internationally renowned time-lapse photographer and film maker, Rob Whitworth, used PAGlink batteries to power his cameras for the Dubai FlowMotion film he created earlier this year. Images courtesy of Rob Whitworth
Read the full story here

Coverage of the 2015 UK election shows a clear bias towards PAGlink batteries and PAG’s LED camera light. Photos courtesy of Frantzesco Kangaris

If you have photos of your PAG batteries in use, in interesting situations, and you would like them to appear in this gallery (with a link to your website), please send them to steveatpaguk [dot] com

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