With thanks to Aerial Motion Pictures and Adrian Weinbrecht

PAG L90 Slim Battery
A slimmer, lighter, V-Mount Li-Ion battery, designed for smaller, digital cinema cameras, especially when used on gimbals and drones

  • A higher energy density than most full-sized 90Wh V-Mount Li-Ion batteries.

  • A slim form factor and an ultra-compact, lightweight design.

  • The latest high-current cells with a 10A continuous current-draw capability.

  • A cell-pack designed to withstand the vibration of drone-mounted applications.

  • Reliable and durable, with a 2 year guarantee.

  • A high-impact, injection moulded battery case.
  • A reorienting Numeric Run-Time & Capacity Display.

  • Firmware that manages charge and discharge safely.

  • Auto-compatibility with different camera data systems that display capacity in the viewfinder/LCD.

  • An independently UN tested flight-friendly design.