Do you want more power for your camera set-up?
 Do you want more efficient battery charging?
 Do you want more outputs for accessories?
 Do you want to fly with your camera batteries?
 Do you want the best value for money?

PAGlink is a new system of intelligent digital linking batteries designed to power the wide range of camera set-ups used by broadcast television stations, hire facilities, production companies and cinematographers today. No other battery system embraces so many advances in technology.

The PAGlink System gives you:

  • More power for cameras and accessories (up to 12A)
  • Batteries that can be linked in any state of charge and in greater numbers (up to 8) combining capacities for extended run-time
  • Link two batteries on your camera to provide 192Wh, or three batteries for 288Wh
  • A 2 year battery guarantee with no restrictive conditions
  • More efficient, linked battery charging - an industry first
  • The ability to charge up to 16 batteries, from any state of charge, on smaller, more economic chargers.
  • All your batteries charged overnight without setting an alarm to swap batteries over
  • Batteries that display their individual status during charging. A numeric display that can be inverted, for legibility, with a single button press, and reverts automatically after removal.
  • More outputs for camera audio, lighting, monitoring and transmission accessories
  • 4 x 12V outputs: D-Tap, Hirose or PP90 plug-in connectors that you can configure
  • A USB module for charging your smartphone
  • The facility to mount an accessory holder
  • Smaller and lighter, V-Mount Li-Ion batteries (3 linked batteries weigh less than 2.2kg)
  • Batteries that will sustain high- current loads of up to 12A (8A individually).
  • Heavy duty pin contacts designed for high load applications
  • Constant power from hot-swapping batteries.
  • Batteries with a built-in run-time display for all models
  • Numeric display for the PL96T Time Battery and a 5 LED indicator for the lower-cost PL96e
  • Batteries that display run-time for the total of all batteries, when linked, and capacity for the individual packs
  • Batteries that automatically communicate with multiple camera data systems and viewfinder capacity indication displays, such as those used by Sony, Panasonic and Red.
  • Future proof batteries and chargers that are externally programmable and simple to update by the user in the field.
  • Ultra-compact Micro Charger designed to fit in any kit bag
  • Charge two PAGlink batteries in approximately 7hrs
  • Chargers to suit any budget

PAGlink Micro Charger

  • 96Wh batteries that are flight- friendly and UN tested for legal transportation by passenger aircraft without quantity restriction
  • Batteries that have a fail-safe electronic protection system with Parylene coated circuits
  • A Battery Reader that reveals usage and performance data, stored in the battery’s micro- processor, which makes management of a battery inventory easier and more efficient.

PAGlink Battery Reader

PAGlink Battery Options:

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