• Link-up and power-up
  • More power for your camera set-up
  • Smaller, lighter and smarter batteries
  • More outputs for accessories
  • Fly legally with all the power you need
PAGlink is a revolutionary system of intelligent linking batteries designed to power the wide range of cameras and accessories used for broadcast acquisition, video production and digital cinematography. No other battery system gives you as much power. No other battery system embraces so many advances in technology. No other battery system gives you such good return on investment.

PAGlink gives you more power

  • Combine the capacities of up to 8 96Wh batteries, in any state-of- charge, for extended run-time.
  • Link 2 batteries on your camera for a capacity of 192Wh, link 3 for 288Wh.
  • Draw up to 12A from linked batteries, enough for the most power-hungry camera and multiple accessories.
  • Hot-swap batteries for continuous power.
  • PAGlink intelligent batteries • communicate with each other to manage output safely and efficiently (they do not discharge into each other).
  • They are the industry’s smallest and lightest 96Wh V-Mount Li-Ion batteries, with the highest energy density.
  • They feature heavy duty pin contacts designed for high-load applications.
  • PAGlink batteries are flight-friendly, below 100Wh and UN tested for legal transport by passenger aircraft without quantity restriction.
  • They feature a multi-level, fail-safe electronic protection system, and Parylene coated circuits for superior safety.
  • They have a 3 year guarantee with no restrictive conditions.
  • PAGlink batteries feature a built-in Run-Time & Capacity Display. The PL96T Time Battery has a convenient numeric display, and the lower-cost PL96e has a 5 LED indicator.
  • Remaining run-time is shown, on-load, for the total of all batteries linked, and capacity is shown for the individual packs, at any time.
  • Batteries display their individual status during charging. The numeric display characters can be rotated for legibility with a single button press, and then revert automatically.
  • PAGlink batteries communicate automatically with multiple camera data systems, such as those used by Sony, Panasonic and Red, to display their state-of-charge in the camera viewfinder and LCD.
  • PAGlink batteries are future-proof, externally programmable and simple to update in the field, by the user.

More about PAGlink Batteries

  • PAGlink batteries can be linked for more efficient charging - an industry first developed by PAG.
  • Up to 16 batteries can be charged simultaneously on the compact, lightweight PL16 charger (8 on each position).
  • Now, all your batteries can be charged overnight without having to set an alarm to get up and swap them over.

More about PAGlink Chargers

  • The PAGlink Micro Charger is the industry’s smallest V-Mount charger.
  • It charges up to 4 linked batteries simultaneously, and is similar in size to a phone charger.
  • 2 batteries will be charged in approximately 7hrs.

PAGlink Micro Charger

  • The Power Hub provides more outputs for your camera accessories. It features four 12V outputs via D-Tap, Hirose or 2.1mm interchangeable connectors, and includes a 5V USB module for charging your smartphone.
  • The Power Hub can be positioned between PAGlink batteries to maintain their hot-swap capability.

PAGlink PowerHub

  • The PAGlink Battery Reader helps you manage your battery inventory easily and efficiently.
  • It displays data stored in the battery’s microprocessor such as capacity, number of cycles, date of manufacture and firmware version.

PAGlink Battery Reader