• Link-up and power-up with PAGlink intelligent Gold Mount batteries.

  • Compatible with the Gold Mount camera plate and Anton/Bauer Li-Ion chargers.

  • Smaller, lighter Li-Ion batteries with the highest energy density available.

  • 94 Watt-hour battery, flight-friendly capacity and ideal for broadcasters.

  • NEW 150 Watt-hour PL150 battery, ideal for cinematographers and camera rental companies (air travel allowance of 2 per person).

  • High-current capability of 12A when linked and 10A individually.

  • Link batteries and combine capacities for longer run-times (two PL150 batteries = 300Wh).

  • Hot-swap batteries for continuous power.

  • Charge batteries linked using PAGlink chargers or Anton/Bauer Li-Ion chargers: an industry first developed by PAG.

  • Batteries UN tested by an independent authority for compliance with air transport regulations.

  • Camera run-time displayed numerically in hours and minutes, and capacity as a percentage.

  • Remaining capacity displayed automatically in the viewfinder/LCD

  • Battery firmware updateable easily in the field.

  • Intelligent batteries that communicate with the camera and each other, to manage their own charge and discharge safely.

  • 94Wh and 150Wh versions can be linked for charge or discharge.

  • 3 year guarantee for 94Wh model.

  • 2 year guarantee for 150Wh model.