PAGlink is a new system of intelligent digital linking batteries designed to power the wide range of camera set-ups used by broadcast television stations, hire facilities, production companies and cinematographers today. No other battery system embraces so many advances in technology.

Power Solutions for DSLR & Digital Cinema Cameras

PAG has introduced a new range of V-Mount Plates and D-Tap Power Leads for a wide range of popular cameras, including DSLR and digital cinema cameras such as:
  • Blackmagic Digital Cinema
  • Canon C300/500
  • Canon EOS 5D & 7D
  • Nikon D800
  • Red Epic/Scarlet
These new V-Mount Plates and D-Tap Power Leads enable you to power these popular cameras using the latest, intelligent PAGlink batteries, or standard V-Mount (V-Lok/V-Lock) Li-Ion batteries.

PAG V-Mount Plates for 15mm or 19mm rods (rails/bars):

There are two PAG V-Mount battery mounting plate options: 1 for use with 15mm rods, and one for 19mm rods. The V-Mount incorporates a D-Tap output for connection to the camera, using the appropriate PAG D-Tap Power Lead. The assembly is designed to be clamped to mattebox or camera accessory rods (rails/bars) and can be configured vertically or horizontally, above or below, ensuring the best position in relation to the camera display and other accessories. The V-Mount features the contacts necessary to communicate battery status to the viewfinders of cameras that incorporate a data display system.

AG D-Tap Power Leads

Connection to the camera is made using a PAG D-Tap Power Lead that features a a camera specific connec- tor and a D-Tap plug, for connection to the V-Mount connector output. A down-converter lead can be sup- plied for those cameras that require a 7.2V to 8.2V power input.

All-Day Power for Your Set-up
PAGlink batteries have a capacity of 96 watt-hours, enough to keep a DSLR running all day. A Blackmagic Cinema camera, that consumes 23W, can be powered continuously for more than 4 hours. An additional battery can be linked to double runtime or provide a higher current draw of 12A. This will power your camera and all its accessories simultaneously. Remaining run-time and capacity is displayed on the battery. Capacity can also be displayed in the viewfinder of any Red camera.

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More Outputs for Accessories
The PowerHub is a useful accessory power device that can be mounted to the face of a single PAGlink battery, or between two batteries, and draws power from the linking battery con- tacts. It provides 4 D-Tap accessory power outputs (other interchangeable plug-in connector types will be avail- able for this product, such as Hirose and PP90) and incorporates a 1 amp USB module for charging your smartphone.

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Low-Cost, Ultra-Compact Charger
The inexpensive, pocket-sized PAGlink Micro Charger will charge a 96Wh PAGlink battery, from fully-discharged, in 3 hours 15 minutes. It will also charge up to four linked batteries, simultaneously, overnight. The Micro Charger accepts a 100- 240V AC input and features inter-changeable plug adaptors for use worldwide.

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Battery Mounts for DSLR & Digital Cinema Cameras

Don’t forget the D-Tap Power Lead

PAG V-Mount Plates require a D-Tap Power Lead to power your camera. They feature a D-Tap plug, for connection to the plate’s output socket, and a camera specific connector.

Please contact PAG Ltd. if you require a D-Tap Power Lead for any other camera. Email salesatpaguk [dot] com Tel: +44 (0)20 8543 3131