The world’s most advanced broadcast battery system

  • Superior, intelligent digital batteries that eliminate all your power worries
  • Link 2 or more batteries to create super-high capacities
  • More power for your camera and accessories (up to 12A max. discharge)
  • Smaller and lighter batteries with a higher energy density
  • Hot-swap batteries for continuous power
  • Run-Time & Capacity displayed at the press of a button
  • Communication with multiple camera data systems for in-viewfinder capacity display
  • More efficient, linked battery charging - an industry first - developed by PAG
  • UN tested, flight-friendly batteries (below 100Wh) that you can link-up on location
  • Longer battery life (3 year guarantee, and much longer reported field life)
  • Durable, reliable and the best value for money in the industry

Link-up for more efficient battery charging – an industry first

  • Batteries can be in any state of
    charge for linked charging
  • Charge up to 16 batteries
    simultaneously on the 2-channel
    PL16 charger
  • Each battery displays its
    individual charge status
  • No more midnight battery swapping

Do you need more outputs for camera accessories?

  • Power multiple devices from
    PAGlink batteries
  • Conveniently exchange plug-in
    connector types
  • Charge your smartphone or run your
    Sat Nav via the PowerHub’s USB
  • PowerHubs can be linked to
    increase the number of outputs

Do you want a pocket-sized charger?

  • The world’s first single-position
    multi-battery charger
  • Fits in your coat pocket or kit bag
  • Charges 2 PAGlink batteries in
    7 hours, 4 overnight
  • Also charges standard PAG
    V-Mount Li-ion batteries
  • Ideal for the freelance news