New 16+ PAG Gold Mount Charger

PAG News Release

Effective from 1st November 2015

New 16+ PAG Gold Mount Charger

PAG now offers a 4-position charger, in addition to its 2-position PL16, for charging PAGlink Gold Mount Li-Ion batteries.

In 2014, PAG introduced the first Gold Mount batteries that can be linked to provide more power (12A) and longer run-times for cameras and other broadcast equipment; and the first that can be linked for more efficient charging.

PAG’s new 4-position PL16+ simultaneous charger is the ideal workshop charger for broadcast organisations and camera rental companies. It greatly reduces the number of chargers required to manage a large PAGlink Gold Mount battery inventory.

4 PAGlink 94Wh Li-Ion batteries can be fully-charged in less than 6 hours, 8 in less than 12 hours, and 16 in less than 24 hours. However, it is possible to charge a maximum of 32 batteries, 8 linked on each position, without user-intervention.

The high-powered PL16+ charger uses the available current efficiently to fully-charge each battery in the fastest possible way, ensuring peak performance and a longer cycle life. The intelligent batteries manage their own charging safely, and can be left to top-up on the charger until required.

The batteries display their individual charge status on their built-in display so that you can easily see when they are ready. A single press of the display button inverts the display characters for legibility.

Another useful feature of the charger is automatic recovery for deeply-discharged batteries.

The PL16+ is quiet, cool-running and compact. It features a tough aluminium case, and weighs only 3.5lbs (1.6kg), making it easy to transport and suitable for location use.

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