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PAGlink - An Intelligent Battery System Designed for Modern Acquisition Demands

An Intelligent Battery System Designed for Modern Acquisition Demands

PAGlink in action (photo courtesy of Damian Wilson, UKIP).

PAG has developed a new system of high-power linking batteries, designed to power all types of digital video camera used for broadcast news acquisition, video production and digital cinematography.

PAGlink is the first battery system that allows you to link as many as eight Lithium-Ion batteries, in parallel, for charge or discharge. Linking batteries and combining their capacities greatly extends the run-time for power-hungry modern professional cameras, and allows currents of up to 12A to be drawn for simultaneously powering the camera and its accessories.

More Power Required

Developments in camera technology have seen an increase in the power demands being made on Li-Ion batteries. In addition, there is a greater number of camera accessories to be powered simultaneously. The cameras alone are likely to have a power consumption of 40W to 50W, and the accessories can increase the total power consumption to around 100W.

Many companies, including PAG, have introduced larger Li-Ion batteries that have capacities greater than 160 watt-hours. These batteries have been banned by air transport authorities from passenger aircraft, because they are considered potentially dangerous.

Lithium Manganese batteries that allow higher currents to be drawn are offered by some companies as a solution, but this technology is significantly more expensive.