Worldwide Service Support

PAG products have a reputation for excellence, based upon quality, reliability and performance.

PAG is always there for you, wherever you are in the world, to provide you with a full, professional after-sales service, via a worldwide network of authorised service centres.

Using PAG’s service centres ensures the continuation of the quality standard for which you first chose the product.

Unauthorised repairs to PAG products negate all guarantees and manufacturer’s liabilities.

In the UK, the Service Department is based at PAG’s London headquarters and is therefore able to call upon full manufacturing and test facilities.

Damaged or broken equipment can be repaired within seven working days.

See The PAG 7 Day Turnaround Repair Service

To contact the PAG Service Department in the UK email supportatpaguk [dot] com or call 020 8543 3131

For servicing outside the UK contact your nearest PAG Agent.

Spares Policy for Discontinued Products

It is PAG’s policy to support all of its products with spare parts and service, even when production of a model has ceased. However, there is no absolute guarantee of spares availability after a product has been discontinued, but PAG will provide support for as long as the supply of parts and economic viability allows.

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