PAG Professional Broadcast Batteries

The most technologically advanced in the industry

PAG batteries are smaller and lighter with the highest energy density available. They incorporate many unique proprietary features designed to assist the cameraman, including a numeric Run-Time & Capacity Display.

PAG also works closely with camera manufacturers to ensure that its batteries are automatically compatible with multiple camera data systems and viewfinder displays.

In addition to the new PAGlink system of intelligent linking batteries PAG offers a range of non-linking V-Mount, Gold Mount and PAGlok batteries which include many of the same features:

  • A higher maximum output of 8A (individually), and in some cases 10A.
  • Compatibility with multiple camera data systems and viewfinder displays.
  • A self-calibrating built-in Run-Time & Capacity Display.
  • Improved performance at lower temperatures.

PAG’s total battery design philosophy ensures that these batteries provide the longest possible cycle life, backed by a guarantee of up to 3 years in the case of PAGlink batteries, and 2 years for non-linking options.

V-Mount Li-Ion
PAGlok Li-Ion
Gold Mount Li-Ion
Pagbelt NMH
Powerman Ni-Cd