PAGlink PowerHub

  • Power more 12V camera accessories using PAGlink Gold Mount batteries

  • Sandwich the PowerHub between 2 PAGlink batteries to maintain the hot-swap capability

  • Includes 4 x D-Tap outputs for 12V camera accessories

  • Other output connector units are available separately

  • Includes a USB connector unit (5V 2A) for camera accessories or charging your phone

  • 89 x 114 x 25mm / 140g

The PowerHub is a compact and user-configurable camera accessory power device, designed for use with the PAGlink Gold Mount system of intelligent linking batteries.

The PAGlink battery system is designed for high-load camera set-ups; the linked batteries provide up to 12A, enabling you to power simultaneously the camera and multiple 12V accessories, such as a camera light, a monitor, audio and transmission devices. The PowerHub provides the multiple outputs that are required to do this.

PowerHub incorporates five output ports that accept a range of interchangeable, plug-in connector units. Four D-Tap modules and one USB are supplied as standard. The USB unit provides a 2A continuous current, 3A peak. The unit includes output voltage protection and is suitable for powering any 5V camera accessory that draws up to 2A. It can even be used for powering a Go Pro camera or for charging your phone. The connector units are interchangeable with Lemo (2-pin), Hirose (4 pin) or 2.1mm (PP90) connectors, available in addition, and can be used in any of the 5 ports. Any combination of connectors is possible enabling you to configure the PowerHub to your exact requirement.

The ultra-compact and lightweight PowerHub is designed to be used sandwiched between two PAGlink batteries, increasing the depth of the battery stack by just 15mm (0.6”). This enables the rear battery to be hot-swapped without disconnecting the accessories. Alternatively, the PowerHub can be connected to rear battery of the stack.

NOTE: The PowerHub Model 9712 can only be used with PAGlink Gold Mount batteries (Models 9306 and 9313). It draws power from the PAGlink contacts on the face of the battery. It cannot be connected directly to the camera or used with non-linking Gold Mount batteries.

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