V-Mount Camera Plate 4 x D-Tap, 1 x USB

  • Battery connector plate for V-Mount batteries

  • Incorporates 4 x D-Tap outputs and 1 x USB output

This V-Mount Camera Plate provides a secure mechanical and electrical connection between the camera, or other suitable equipment, and V-Mount batteries. It has a robust moulded construction and incorporates high-quality contact pins..

Four D-Tap outputs are incorporated: 1 on the left side, 2 on the right side and 1 on the top of the camera mount. Each D-Tap output provides a 12V 10A, and features a tethered, flexible protective cover.

The mount also features a USB output on the right side, suitable for devices that require a 2A draw. A power on/off switch and an LED indicator are incorporated for the USB output.

When placing an order, customers must specify the make and model of equipment they wish to power in Order Comments. This is to establish suitability and the type of interface plate required.


4 x D-Tap, 12V 10A (unregulated), 1 x USB 5V 2A.

Length: 140mm (5.50”).
Width: 83.5mm (3.29”).
Height: 27mm (1.00”).

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